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bowl, cowl, fowl, howl, jowl, yowl

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fogy, fogey

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owl_lyingLast post 22 Oct 10, 16:48
She saw the feathered bodies lying there together. She saw the bodies moving as the birds bre1 Replies
hoot owlLast post 15 Mar 08, 03:32
in einem Lied von Peter, Paul and Mary: Old stewball was a racehorse... Keine Ahnung, was da…2 Replies
Strix - KauzLast post 20 Mar 14, 16:12
Bisher gibt es Kauz nur im Sinne von komischer Kauz, der zoologische Begriff fehlt. Da offe…21 Replies
burrowing owl - der KaninchenkauzLast post 11 Aug 16, 15:25
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burrowing_owlThe burrowing owl (Athene cunicularia) is a small…5 Replies
barn-owl - SchleiereuleLast post 17 Jan 07, 17:01
Use of the hyphen is inappropriate here. LEO also lists "barn owl", which is correct.10 Replies
brown owl - KothaufenLast post 07 Aug 21, 17:43
When they rehearse "King's Cross", Neil carries on singing after the end:and there's still …2 Replies
powerful owl - der RiesenkauzLast post 18 Feb 21, 10:31
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Powerful_owlThe powerful owl (Ninox strenua), a species of owl…2 Replies
screech owl, screech-owl - Das KäuzchenLast post 02 Dec 04, 12:46
Als "Käuzchen" wird in Deutschland manchmal der Steinkauz (little owl, Athene noctua) bezeic…4 Replies
bay owl (Phodilus badius) - MaskeneuleLast post 01 Mar 15, 02:02
--- bay owl (Phodilus badius), uncommon and atypical Asian owl classified with the barn owls…1 Replies
"Great Owl" ohne weiteren HinweisLast post 17 Dec 21, 18:15
How the North Woods harbored Great Owls, X’s very own endangered species. Der Roman, den ic…13 Replies

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