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ownership - AnteilbesitzLast post 05 Jul 07, 18:31
Partial or fractional ownership allows participants to purchase and own a percentage of exot…0 Replies
right of ownership - BesitzrechtLast post 20 Dec 18, 09:42
https://dict.leo.org/englisch-deutsch/besitzrecht https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Recht_zum_Be…3 Replies
property and ownershipLast post 01 Jul 08, 10:30
Kann mir jemand den UNterschied im Sprachgebrauch zwischen property und ownership erklären? …1 Replies
ownership-property-possessionLast post 17 Aug 06, 13:49
Hello, i have a text, in which the words "ownership", "property" und "possession" are used, …7 Replies
ownership - BesitzLast post 13 Jun 09, 20:05
As soon as the refuse is produced, the ownership, risk and legal responsibility are transfer…7 Replies
building loan contract - BausparvertragLast post 30 Oct 03, 15:45
"Building loan contract" doesn't actually mean anything to anyone in the English-speaking wo…1 Replies
ownershipLast post 13 Jun 03, 09:01
Deliberation among civil society groups may result in compromise solutions that are more acc…1 Replies
ownership Last post 07 Feb 08, 18:07
land ownership situation How could I translate it in to German? Grunstückeigentumschaft?1 Replies
OwnershipLast post 27 May 08, 12:47
Commitment, Ownership & Responibility "Are our employees aligned and engaged?" Wie würdet ihr 3 Replies
content ownership / process ownershipLast post 16 Oct 13, 18:27
Im Zusammenhang mit Projektmanagement... Ein Projekt braucht nachhaltige Unterstützung durch…5 Replies