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Orthographically similar words

ace, ache, face, lace, pack, page, pale, pare, pave, place, race, space Acre, Pack, Packe, Page, Pate

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tempo, stride, pas

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La Pace law [PHYS.] - DurchflutungsgesetzLast post 17 Nov 18, 08:08
"Ampere's Law" oder "Ampere-Maxwell-Law" Die Übersetzung mit "La Pace law" kommt mir etwas m…1 Replies
pace - ohne ... zu nahe treten zu wollenLast post 11 Feb 09, 01:19
http://dict.leo.org/forum/viewWrongentry.php?idThread=38100&idForum=6&lp=ende&lang=de I 8 Replies
Requiescat in pace, Milton FriedmanLast post 20 Nov 06, 12:12
I suppose this could be posted under "Customs and Culture" as it deals with a man whose thou…10 Replies
PaceLast post 04 Aug 09, 02:13
Pace your explanations So a la "schön langsam erklären"? Danke für eure Hilfe!2 Replies
paceLast post 12 Jan 09, 13:44
I argue that, pace Smith, it is possible... Heißt das hier soviel wie "im Gegensatz zu", "e…4 Replies
pace Last post 20 Jan 09, 12:17
Second, pace the epistemic fallacy and in keeping with the analytical distinction between kno1 Replies
paceLast post 21 Sep 10, 12:34
Pace (Work Ethic) Aus einem Beurteilungsblatt für Mitarbeiter Heißt das Pace sowas wie pers…2 Replies
PACELast post 17 Nov 07, 08:13
He knew she would be going 'no comment' while the ticking clock imposed by PACE ran down.1 Replies
pace prep. - \t ohne jmdm. zu nahe treten zu wollenLast post 17 Nov 11, 12:46
http://dict.leo.org/ende?lp=ende&lang=de&searchLoc=0&cmpType=relaxed&sectHdr=on&3 Replies
turtle's pace - das SchneckentempoLast post 28 Sep 08, 19:14
Langenscheidt bei wissen.de: 'Schneckentempo n: im Schneckentempo at a snail’s pace. Google-S9 Replies