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aid, pad, pain, pair, raid Aids, Amid, arid, Azid, Maid, Pad, Papi, Pfad, Plaid, Waid

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amortised, amortized

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paid-up - voll eingezahltLast post 22 Apr 04, 14:41
Zumindest kenne ich das so.2 Replies
carriage paid - frei HausLast post 18 Dec 07, 11:40
Incoterm: carriage paid (abbr: CPT) bedeutet nicht "frei Haus". http://de.wikipedia.org/wi…8 Replies
paid registrationLast post 11 Nov 08, 04:35
I would like to give a talk at a conference. The call for papers said: "Once a proposal is a…4 Replies
put paid - etwas ein Ende Setzen and othersLast post 01 Jul 20, 00:33
From M-W: put paid tochiefly British : to finish off : bring an end toLexico/Oxford includes…4 Replies
paid-in / paid-up capital - eingezahltes KapitalLast post 29 Aug 10, 16:18
Does anybody know if there is a difference between paid-up capital and paid-in capital on a …1 Replies
freelancing or paid for hire ?Last post 15 Mar 06, 16:43
Was ist der Unterschied zwischen "freelanced work" und "work paid for hire"? Ein Auftraggeb…4 Replies
paid - played (simple past spelling)Last post 22 Apr 17, 20:13
I know there are general rules why it's referred but cured and stopped but stooped and devel…28 Replies
post-paid and pre-paidLast post 03 Jul 07, 19:17
xxx is the second largest mobile operator in Lithuania in terms of revenues, with a market s…1 Replies
low-paid - low-payingLast post 26 Jan 10, 17:18
Welcher dieser beiden begriffe ist richtig. Verwendet man eher low-paid oder low-paying?????…4 Replies
let that put paid to it = ?Last post 01 Jul 20, 19:55
Hi,die Floskel stammt aus Sephan King's Pet Sematary."Let that put paid to it", he thought.W…34 Replies