Possible base forms for "painted"

    paint (Verb) 

Orthographically similar words

pained, painite, painter, plaited, planted, pointed, printed, sainted, tainted

Related search terms

lacquered, described


Wegfall des Relativpronomens bei bestimmenden Relativsätzen
Bei bestimmenden Relativsätzen kann man das Relativpronomen who, that oder which weglassen, wenn es das Objekt des Relativsatzes ist. Das erkennt man daran, dass ein anderes Substa…

Forum discussions containing the search term

painted with or painted in?Last post 15 May 09, 15:12
Eine Oberfläche soll mit weisser Farbe (RAL 9016) bestrichen werden. Is it: surface painte…2 Replies
painted shutLast post 02 Jun 08, 11:23
- Can I come in through your window? - No, the sill is painted shut. ?2 Replies
Painted blueLast post 23 Dec 08, 11:41
Boadicea was painted blue. Der größere Zusammenhang ist so: Die beiden liegen zusammen im…3 Replies
Painted LadyLast post 05 Mar 09, 12:58
[name] and [name] are the port's painted ladies. Being quite young, they still have a lot of…3 Replies
oven paintedLast post 11 Nov 07, 19:00
"Oven-painted door" Heißt das Ofenbemalte Tür??? Wohl kaum!! Was kann OVEN in dem Sinn hei…1 Replies
Painted pinstripesLast post 01 Oct 17, 17:51
Es geht um die individuelle Bemalung, die auf Harley Davidsons aufgemalt sind. Hat jemand ei…2 Replies
painted francolin - painted partridge - Tropfenfrankolin, m (Francolinus pictus)Last post 29 Nov 20, 18:08
painted francolin    [Vogelkunde] - Tropfenfrankolin, m  (Francolinus pictus)painted partri0 Replies
finish-painted condition ?Last post 12 Nov 08, 13:01
"The doors shall be delivered in a finish-painted condition." Hallo, kann man oben genannte…3 Replies
spirit painted sinLast post 12 Jan 08, 20:12
spirit painted sin und Into the orchard I walk peering way past the gate2 Replies
painted, darkly governedLast post 26 Jan 10, 16:31
The entire history of our country is now painted as though darkly governed by a hooded Inqui…3 Replies

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