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persuaded, persuader

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talk, argue

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persuadeLast post 09 Jun 15, 15:11
Can I write: "I think it is important to persuade him about your opinion." Or is it gramma…7 Replies
persuade - beeinflussenLast post 24 Nov 08, 09:15
Ich rege jetzt einfach mal einen ergänzenden Neueintrag an (hoffe, dass ich das jetzt richti…5 Replies
convince vs. persuadeLast post 23 Oct 09, 07:29
What is the difference between convince and persuade?4 Replies
PERSUADE richtig hier? Last post 24 Nov 08, 01:18
there's music, that's supposed to persuade people to buy things. PERSUADE richtig angewendet? 9 Replies
convince vs. persuadeLast post 27 Jul 07, 15:28
Hope this hasn't been asked before. is there a difference between the use of convince and th…7 Replies
to persuade - überzeugenLast post 02 Jun 05, 07:58
IMO persuade does not mean 'überzeugen', it means 'überreden'. When I persuade someone, it …20 Replies
to persuade that you were preparedLast post 04 Apr 07, 10:38
What arguments would you use to persuade someone that you were prepared to successfully unde…3 Replies
cease but persuade any but the mostLast post 06 May 12, 15:21
The proposal that some people do not have the right to do it will cease but persuade any but…3 Replies
KAM is not a powerful technique to persuade defenseless customersLast post 07 May 10, 12:30
KAM is not a powerful technique to persuade defenseless customers kannst Du mir das auf deu…2 Replies
jmdn von seinem Glauben überzeugen - to persuade sb of one's beliefsLast post 24 Nov 10, 04:22
Gott half ihr, andere von ihrem Glauben zu überzeugen. God helped her persuade others of her…3 Replies

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