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physic, physis Physis

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physics/physics-basedLast post 12 Nov 06, 10:31
Gameplay entirely driven by physics physics-based game Wieder mal ein Begriff, der im Englis…4 Replies
similarity physics - ÄhnlichkeitsphysikLast post 04 Jul 06, 17:41
Special field of physics, dealing with, what happens if I change the factor of a dimension. …2 Replies
Health Physics - StrahlenschutzLast post 24 Mar 16, 12:20
DGMP.de The following is a list of Health Physics related fellowships and scholarships that …8 Replies
astroparticle physics - die AstroteilchenphysikLast post 09 Feb 07, 19:36
Astroparticle Physics is an exciting new field at the interface between Physics and Astronomy0 Replies
Bauphysik - building physicsLast post 16 Dec 07, 14:04
oder eher construction physics?2 Replies
Politically correct solid state physicsLast post 13 May 10, 20:54
Eine Gruppe von Festkörperphysikern (Ergami, Billinge etc.) bezeichnet schlecht kristalline …0 Replies
numinosity physicsLast post 05 Jan 10, 20:14
Included here is shamanism, magick, occultism, astrology, hermeticism, yoga, tantra, interna…3 Replies
physics objectsLast post 06 Oct 08, 12:28
physics objects in each level. Es geht hier um ein Computerspiele. Kann man physics object…2 Replies
with physicsLast post 03 Mar 08, 22:34
A low-salt, low-liquid, low-protein diet with physics could only relieve the swelling. Eine…2 Replies
natural physicsLast post 02 Nov 10, 11:01
Vorticism was an art movement that - like cubism - responded to the modern world by its face…3 Replies