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Orthographically similar words

kick, lick, nick, pack, peck, pink, prick, tick dick, Epik, Fick, Kick, Pack, Pica, Picke, Pik, Pika, Pike, pink, Puck, Tick

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pickaxe, choose, cob, pickax

Forum discussions containing the search term

ice pick - EispickelLast post 17 Oct 07, 09:47
"Der Bar-Eispickel ist Bestandteil einer Barausrüstung und wird verwendet, um große Eisbrock…4 Replies
Pick's disease (auch: Pick disease) - die Pick-KrankheitLast post 09 May 19, 07:34
Deutsch:die Pick-Krankheit:https://www.siegerlandkurier.de/lokales/kreuztal/ftd-gruppe-88166…2 Replies
pick up Last post 23 Apr 12, 21:22
"He picked up a little insect from his pizza." Ist das Vokabel "pick up" in diesem Zusammenh…5 Replies
self-collector - SelbstabholerLast post 29 Oct 04, 18:06
Self-collector ist laut Internet-Recherche keine geeignete Übersetzung. Laut Forumsdiskussio…3 Replies
German pick-up linesLast post 13 Nov 06, 13:20
Hello All, My friend and I were in a goofy mood when we decided to look up german pick-up li…12 Replies
pick up a pennyLast post 30 Jan 13, 17:26
I'm familiar with a custom that picking up a penny brings you good luck. Is this just Midwe…39 Replies
pick up game ... or pick-up gameLast post 28 Jun 08, 16:56
Is it pick up-game or pick-up game or pick-up-game or ..... HELP!!!!4 Replies
pick up from Last post 30 Jun 10, 17:30
Hallo, kann man sagen "I'll pick you up from the airport." oder muss man sagen "I'll pick yo…6 Replies
pick (it) upLast post 29 Feb 16, 05:40
Let's pick (it) up where we left off last time.Soll heißen: Lasst uns da weiter machen, wo w…14 Replies
Take your pick! - Suchen Sie sich etwas aus!Last post 18 Jun 09, 14:51
http://dict.leo.org/ende?lp=ende&lang=de&searchLoc=0&cmpType=relaxed&sectHdr=on&1 Replies