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PicnicLast post 09 Nov 04, 19:50
...she is one sandwich short of a picnic. My English colleague used to say that to describe…7 Replies
to have a picnic - ein Picknick machen Last post 02 Apr 12, 14:14
http://dict.leo.org/ende?lp=ende&lang=de&searchLoc=0&cmpType=relaxed&sectHdr=on&14 Replies
picnic gazobosLast post 07 Mar 08, 12:57
hab dieses Wort soeben in einem Pferesportartikel gefunden...hab auch noch keine Uebersetzun…5 Replies
no Swiss picnic - kein ZuckerschleckenLast post 15 Aug 09, 15:43
"It's no Swiss picnic for me either!" from 'Curb your enthousiasm', season 1, episode 52 Replies
a surprise at (the) picnicLast post 16 Mar 10, 11:37
A surprise at (the) picnic Hi everyone, how would I translate the above into German? It's a…2 Replies
Ich mache ein Picknick und in meinen Picknickkorb packe ich... - I´ll go on a picnic and into my picnic basket I´ll put...Last post 05 Jun 16, 23:38
Das soll ein Spiel werden, wie das deutsche "Koffer packen". Ist der Satz so ok? oder kommt …11 Replies
"You're just ants at a picnic!"Last post 14 Apr 07, 23:41
Habe ich bei einem Ausschnitt einer Serie gesehen und kann daher leider keine Informationen …3 Replies
Sunday school picnic (in the figurative sense)Last post 07 Dec 13, 11:34
Life is not always a Sunday school picnic. This is not going to be a Sunday school picnic. …10 Replies
not s.o.'s idea of a picnic - überhaupt keine Lust habenLast post 16 Oct 08, 12:40
Visiting this part of rural xxx wasn’t his idea of a picnic—there were too many uncomfor4 Replies
the sun on its way to a picnic - die Sonne auf dem Weg zu einem PicknickLast post 24 Jan 07, 19:39
I couldn't help but notice Mrs. W.'s bright yellow pantsuit that made her look like the sun …4 Replies