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pipeline - talent pipeline?Last post 18 May 11, 16:38
Overcoming the talent shortage Increasing the focus on improving pipeline Geht es hier um …5 Replies
PipelineLast post 14 Sep 09, 18:45
Hi, ich übersetze gerade eine Website für eine Schule für 3 D Animation aus Kanada. Ich such…4 Replies
pipelineLast post 19 Feb 08, 12:27
One of the most important things you need to do is allow enough time to keep the proverbial …4 Replies
PipelineLast post 17 Mar 11, 14:34
"The shaped signals are then sampled at the LHC bunch crossing frequency of 40 MHz by switch…5 Replies
Sourcing Pipeline - BeschaffungspipelineLast post 26 Jun 12, 14:53
e.g., view sourcing pipeline, and then drill down to a specific RFx related to that pipeline…2 Replies
Talent Pipeline?Last post 22 Jan 07, 17:30
Praktikant - Trainee - Festangestellter hat jemand den passenden deutschen begriff sowie ei…13 Replies
equity pipelineLast post 04 Nov 08, 15:56
... in spite of a heavy German equity pipeline. Kapitalpipeline?  Thanks loads for help!13 Replies
Pipeline aufbauenLast post 06 Aug 09, 18:30
Der Prozess ist darauf ausgerichtet, eine Pipeline hochqualifizierter Mitarbeitender aufzuba…3 Replies
Pipeline leaderLast post 04 Jan 09, 15:07
...we used data from 4000 senior and pipeline leaders from five global companies... Hallo! …2 Replies
sales pipelineLast post 10 Mar 17, 15:26
Exceptional ability in managing and forecasting the sales pipeline [...] Help! Does anybody…6 Replies