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mounting, placing, assembly

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placement efforts - VermittlungsbemühungenLast post 04 Feb 08, 20:54
Eo currently focuses job placement efforts to employers in Asia, including Korea, Japan, Chi…3 Replies
Adverb placementLast post 04 Sep 08, 17:57
Mein größtes Problem im Englischen ist (und wird wohl auch immer so bleiben) "adverb placeme…6 Replies
industrial placementLast post 03 Dec 07, 14:42
hallo, ich schreibe gerade ein anschreiben für eine bewerbung nach GB. Habe bisher als Begri…1 Replies
comma placementLast post 28 Sep 09, 16:01
Ich hatte in einem alten Beitrag noch eine Frage gestellt aber ich glaube das wurde nicht me…1 Replies
surreptitious advertising - SchleichwerbungLast post 29 Jun 05, 20:41
The term 'surreptitious advertising' seems extremely uncommon in English - to me it looks mo…11 Replies
two-week placement or two week placementLast post 15 Mar 13, 00:02
Hi there! I am not sure if I need to put a hyphen there or not?8 Replies
Comma placement correct?Last post 24 Feb 10, 18:24
Item X, Y and additional, so-called Z factors are assembled to form complex A. Is there ano…7 Replies
very much--placementLast post 07 Jun 06, 03:16
How do you know where to put "very much" in a sentence? as in: "The programme was very muc…5 Replies
Adverb placement (BE) Last post 19 Jan 11, 17:50
Where does the adverb belong in the following sentence? XX transports YY across long dista…8 Replies
Placement of adjectivesLast post 23 Jun 16, 10:52
"I like learning in a group best" Or: "I like learning best in a group." ?"I can concentrate…5 Replies