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peasant, pheasant


Das Komma bei „discourse markers“ (Diskurspartikeln)
Wenn ein discourse marker am Anfang des Satzes steht, wird es in der Regel durch ein Komma vom Rest des Satzes getrennt. Einige dieser Diskurspartikeln können auch am Ende des Satz…

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pleasant - erfreulichLast post 07 Jul 06, 17:18
Der Kleine Muret Sanders (Langenscheidts Großwörterbuch) PONS Großwörterbuch für Experten und U1 Replies
Pleasant sensationLast post 27 Jul 08, 14:46
"Being in nature gives me a pleasant sensation."2 Replies
pleasant nothingsLast post 07 Jul 10, 08:51
There was much talking and laughter and chaff among the animals, but through it all Toad, wh…4 Replies
none-too-pleasantLast post 20 Jun 07, 11:08
www.wsws.org/articles/2007/jun2007/tagu-j19.shtml The result of the second round came as a …4 Replies
pleasant - wohligLast post 03 Jul 08, 10:33
Oxford-Duden: wohlig pleasant, cosy. LEO seems to be missing one of the main meanings, the …0 Replies
if not always pleasantLast post 26 Mar 09, 09:48
We believe the fair value provides needed - if not always pleasant - transperacy about [...]…5 Replies
more pleasant as we imagine or more pleasant than we imagineLast post 15 Aug 15, 14:57
Hi I'm feeling unsafe about a comparative. The sentence is Many journeys went on more peacef…9 Replies
pleasanter - angenehmerLast post 05 Mar 16, 16:42
I still don't think this is the best suggestion, but "pleasanter" isn't a word.15 Replies
we considered our discussions very pleasant and trustful - we considered our discussions to be very pleasant and trustfulLast post 05 Nov 07, 18:55
In Besuchsbericht: bedanken über netten Empfang bei Firma "to be" nötig oder doch falsch?6 Replies
visit activity leave... - Grocery shopping becomes a pleasant visitLast post 21 Aug 08, 11:06
... instead of necessary work (diesen Teil könnte man auch weglassen) mich stört das "visit…2 Replies

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