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poorly - unwohlLast post 02 Feb 10, 13:50
English: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/poorly German: http://de.thefreedictionary.com/un…2 Replies
Poorly translated WebsitesLast post 31 May 05, 15:09
Does anyone have any examples of poorly translated (either German->English or English->Germa19 Replies
poorlyLast post 14 Jan 08, 18:02
In the hole capter it goes about a count who is ill. And after a attendance his niece says t…4 Replies
finely divided und poorly dispersedLast post 13 Dec 17, 19:30
1) in mehreren Wörterbüchern finde ich finely divided = feinverteilt, auch in LEO. Ist das n…0 Replies
poorly sickLast post 05 Aug 07, 12:20
I am poorly sick. I have a bad cold (again) and so have not been doing very much productive …5 Replies
poorly timedLast post 30 Jun 07, 16:13
Jemand schreibt, während er läuft ... "as much as he could, while the memories were still fr…1 Replies
poorly orderedLast post 24 Oct 10, 14:22
Poorly ordered hydrous oxides of iron, manganese and aluminosilicates are important high sur…1 Replies
poorly definedLast post 25 Jul 11, 17:17
XY has the disadvantages of poorly defined vaccine efficacy, lack of ... Übersetzt man dies wö3 Replies
become poorlyLast post 01 Mar 08, 09:14
perhaps she is nervous about starting school, she thinks to herself, or perhaps she is becom…1 Replies
beschwerlich erreichbare - poorly accessible?Last post 16 Sep 07, 13:55
hier der kontext: man beachte die teilweise nur äußerst beschwerlich erreichbare Aufnahmepos…5 Replies