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popularity contestLast post 25 Aug 12, 13:29
Beliebtheitswettbewerb gibts was besseres?3 Replies
Year of PopularityLast post 15 Jan 07, 12:31
This year (the second year of Jesus' ministry) is sometimes termed "the Year of Popularity" …3 Replies
to draw popularityLast post 18 Jun 07, 07:04
Kontext: "The metal, that made the penny famous has drawn popularity - and thievery - in al…4 Replies
enjoys high popularity?Last post 03 Jun 09, 11:00
... Therefore, cocaine enjoys high popularity as a research tool. wie kann könnte man das v…3 Replies
rise in popularity - Steigerung der BeliebtheitLast post 27 Jul 08, 11:09
Hand in hand with the development of several new Technologies, such as recording, radio, and…0 Replies
Deutschland gewinnt "BBC popularity poll"Last post 12 Jun 13, 11:40
Das ist doch zur Abwechslung mal nett, in der Wahrnehmung der Welt zu den ganz Guten* zu geh…32 Replies
The inflationary popularity of colons and semicolonsLast post 25 Nov 10, 16:29
Has anyone else noticed an upward trend in the use of colons and semicolons in German? It fe…5 Replies
an Popularität zunehmen - to grow in popularityLast post 26 Sep 06, 19:53
Podcasts werden auf jeden Fall an Popularität zunehmen, aber parallel wird es natürlich weit…3 Replies
But the popularity of pizza really exploded when....Last post 26 Jan 09, 19:01
...American soldiers returned from Italy after World War II "exploded" ... Die Beliebtheit …4 Replies
sich wieder zunehmender Beliebtheit erfreuen - to regain popularityLast post 03 Mar 10, 02:25
Es geht um das Zitat "No man is an island". This almost forgotten quotation by John Donne …1 Replies

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