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portage, upstage

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postage - der PostversandLast post 25 Jul 05, 13:11
Oxford Dictionary of English, Duden - Deutsches Universalwörterbuch postage (noun) 1. the …9 Replies
postage address - LieferadresseLast post 22 Jul 07, 16:45
Quelle: ebay UK Gegenüber dem ebay USA, das die Lieferadresse als "shipping address" bezeich…7 Replies
postage-stamp principality - ZwergstaatLast post 17 Feb 14, 13:44
"Monaco, the postage-stamp principality barely the size of London’s Hyde Park, does not attr…11 Replies
combined postageLast post 25 Jun 07, 15:42
When buying more than one item - something Porto? Like for instance on ebay1 Replies
20th cent history of postage rates UKLast post 20 Mar 11, 13:56
Trying to find out when postage for a postcard went up from 1/2 p to 1 p. Must have been ar…4 Replies
postage prepaid - Porto im voraus bezahltLast post 13 Mar 07, 12:11
Könnte man das auch übersetzen mit: ausreichend frankiert? Das liest man hierzulande (Deuts…5 Replies
cost of postage - die PortokostenLast post 23 Sep 04, 21:30
Do we really want to see market forces that will inevitably increase the cost of postage to …0 Replies
secure postage serviceLast post 16 Sep 16, 15:17
We recommend using a secure postage service as failure to return the relevant documents will…3 Replies
marketing signage/postageLast post 23 Mar 17, 13:27
Was there marketing signage/postage for the event on display at the dealer? Kontext sind We…6 Replies
Postage paid to anywhere. - Versandkosten enthalten?Last post 13 Feb 08, 12:23
Auszug aus einer Mail: [...] Others need to pay the costs of the distribution and production…1 Replies