Possible base forms for "pouring"

    pour (Verb)

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Orthographically similar words

louring, porting, purging, souring, touring

Related search terms

casting, teeming, parting-off, tapping

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May Christ, through the pouring forth of the Holy Spirit, give us all the strength to pick u…2 Replies
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Schools can sign a contract for exclusive "pouring rights" with, for example, soft drink com…3 Replies
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.. And it's pouring outside. Es schüttet in Strömen? oder so???2 Replies
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Hi It's pouring with rain/ It's pouring down rain. What is the difference between the17 Replies
pouring from the slainLast post 24 Aug 12, 21:51
And tears fall from my heart like rain Like liquid love pouring from the slain Dies ist ein…5 Replies
Umfüllen ins Messglas - Pouring into measuring glassLast post 05 May 10, 19:14
Sammlung des Wassers und Umfüllen ins Messglas Collection of water and decanting into measu…2 Replies
while I´m pouring out my insidesLast post 03 Jun 07, 11:21
heißt das tatsächlich 'während ich meine Innereien absteche'?5 Replies
Der Regen klatschte gegen dir Fenster - The rain was pouring against the windows.Last post 22 Jan 08, 21:15
Geht das? Habe ich so zusammengebastelt... Danke im Voraus!2 Replies
...are now pouring resources into homegrown schools in a bid to prevet brain drain - Last post 20 Oct 07, 05:15
als Kontext : Asian countries, the biggest exporters of foreign students to the West, are no…2 Replies