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Presidential electionLast post 08 Jan 08, 16:42
Who do you think win the party nomination and the presidency ?9 Replies
"Presidential" - Großschreibung möglich?Last post 07 Jan 08, 17:15
the President - da gibt's ja manchmal Großschreibung. Gilt das auch für das Adjektiv "presid…1 Replies
presidential poll - PräsidentschaftswahlLast post 25 Jul 08, 09:00
White House hopeful Barack Obama has landed in Berlin to begin the European leg of his inter…1 Replies
presidential officeLast post 28 Nov 07, 08:19
The Likud Party, searching for an autonomous state, has not held the presidential office sin…1 Replies
Presidential AwardLast post 24 Nov 07, 17:57
In the US, awared for outstanding academic achievement in each department. How to say "Presi…1 Replies
presidential electorsLast post 11 Oct 08, 15:49
Aus Andrew Johnson - a biography: In February 1840 the Democratic State Convention at Nashvi…1 Replies
presidential raceLast post 19 Jan 08, 19:35
Presidential race tightens up. ABC News - This year's election may be among the most hotly c…1 Replies
presidential libraryLast post 21 Apr 08, 17:20
Kann mir jemand sagen, was "presidential library" bedeutet? Es geht um Bill Clinton, kann es…5 Replies
presidential compoundLast post 16 Apr 10, 15:20
also da, wo der Präsident wohnt und regiert, inkl. Nebengebäude. Wie nennt man das auf Deut…1 Replies
Presidential oathLast post 08 Dec 09, 22:29
Wie kann ich Presidential oath übersetzen? danke für eure Hilfe!1 Replies