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privileged Privileg

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favoritism, favouritism

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privilegeLast post 18 Feb 07, 16:44
"Political reform has always been a privilege of political counter-elites and oppositional p…8 Replies
privilege - RechtLast post 01 Jul 04, 16:05
Microsoft Windows documentations etc. privileges = Rechte (see http://support.microsoft.com/…3 Replies
banking privilegeLast post 17 Aug 07, 09:38
The application for financing the equipment has been declined because the Banque de France s…1 Replies
executive privilegeLast post 29 Jun 07, 05:55
President Bush, in a constitutional showdown with Congress, claimed executive privilege Thur…2 Replies
executive privilegeLast post 20 Jun 12, 22:04
President Bush, in a constitutional showdown with Congress, claimed executive privilege Thur…3 Replies
professional privilegeLast post 22 Oct 07, 14:40
The contents of this report are subject to legal professional privilege.. äh. Irgendwas mit…2 Replies
extradordinary privilegeLast post 29 Jan 15, 20:43
It’s an extraordinary privilege to join the region's premier marketing organisation,” said Sc5 Replies
privilege taxLast post 27 Jan 10, 16:12
Weiß jemand, was man unter "privilege tax" versteht? Gibt es dafür einen Begriff im Deutsche…5 Replies
moment of privilegeLast post 08 Sep 08, 10:19
Eine Hotelkette sagt You are at the very heart of our efforts to ensure that every stay is …2 Replies
attorney-client privilegeLast post 18 May 06, 12:53
Attorney-client privilege applies to all documentation used/created during the review proces…2 Replies

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