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price, prime Priel, Priem, Prime, Prinz, Prise, Ritze

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Nobel Prize laureate - NobelpreisträgerLast post 26 Feb 04, 20:10
Es heißt ja schließlich nicht Nobelpreispreisträger! Siehe auch Google. Es bleibt die Frag…37 Replies
Nobel PrizeLast post 11 Mar 08, 07:34
I just have a question: Has anyone read Theodor Mommsen's Römische Geschichte in the origin…3 Replies
price prizeLast post 31 May 10, 07:39
Sehe ich das richtig, dass „price“ bedeutet wieviel etwas kostet und „prize“ soviel bedeutet1 Replies
Man Booker Prize 2016Last post 26 Oct 16, 17:37
an Paul Beatty:http://themanbookerprize.com/news/sellout-wins-2016-man-booker-prize(Freut mi…12 Replies
The Nobel Peach prizeLast post 21 May 07, 09:04
.. that is what it really says, black on white, in the text in front of me. Perhaps you all …6 Replies
Nobel Prize laureate - NobelpreisträgerinLast post 04 Jun 08, 08:51
http://dict.leo.org/ende?lp=ende&p=thMx..&search=Nobel Nobel laureate der Nobelpreisträg6 Replies
Bob Dylan granted Nobel Prize for LiteratureLast post 06 Jun 17, 17:45
Not sure whether this is the proper forum, or not - but am in a state of shock, so to speak…150 Replies
Nobel Prize in Literature - LiteraturnobelpreisLast post 17 Mar 07, 18:19
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nobel_Prize_in_Literature nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/literatu…4 Replies
prize specimenLast post 20 Apr 05, 18:56
You are a prize specimen!0 Replies
prize plumLast post 20 Oct 07, 12:01
After the feath of Alexander the Great: To Seleucus went the prize plum of Syria. Any idea …4 Replies