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remote procedure calls/procedure - ??Last post 02 Oct 08, 21:56
SOAP messages consist of 2 interaction patterns: remote procedure calls (RPC)and document ex…3 Replies
procedureLast post 09 Jun 11, 03:19
While searching his neighbour's son, the police officer said "Sorry, but it's all part of th…3 Replies
procedureLast post 16 Dec 22, 11:02
A: Procedure! It drives me crazy.B: Procedure does help minimise errors.A: Seriously? Konte…4 Replies
procedure - processLast post 01 Nov 06, 19:33
Kann mir vielleicht hier jemand den Unterschied zwischen procedure und process erklären? Wär…3 Replies
procedure documentLast post 25 Nov 07, 21:07
kann leider nicht so richtig den Kontext nennen, findet sich z. B. in Bezug auf Policen oder…1 Replies
bedside procedureLast post 29 Nov 07, 16:25
"[early infancy,] when frenotomy is generally performed as a bedside procedure." Wie sagt m…3 Replies
interventional procedureLast post 28 Mar 11, 17:58
An interventional procedure is a procedure used for diagnosis or for treatment, which involve7 Replies
procedure - arbeitsablaufLast post 07 May 09, 14:25
- allow gearbox to warum up - secure drive and machine from unintentional movement - open oi…1 Replies
procedure documentsLast post 29 Apr 09, 14:15
Review of current sustainability policies and procedure documents1 Replies
Revenue Procedure...Last post 11 Sep 08, 22:38
Revenue Procedure 2008-8, that is contained in Internal Revenue Bulletin 2008-1, issued Janu…3 Replies

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