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    project (Verb) 

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projected areaLast post 07 Jan 05, 19:38
Projected area is defined as the rectilinear projection of a surface... Deutsche Bezeichnung…2 Replies
is projected Last post 13 Apr 09, 18:40
the population is projected to increase from 495 million to 521 million ...2 Replies
"projected particles"Last post 15 Sep 09, 09:05
"The increasing recognition of the importance of the α-rays in radioactive phenomena led to att9 Replies
projected bullseyesLast post 19 Jan 18, 11:08
The Meter is properly positioned when the projected red bullseyes are centred on top of each…6 Replies
projected climate changeLast post 30 Jul 08, 16:59
Historical and projected interactions between climate change and insect voltinism in a multi…3 Replies
Given the projectedLast post 28 Mar 09, 13:55
"Given the projected doubling of (global) meat production by 2050, we´re going to have to cut .2 Replies
past projected budgetLast post 11 Mar 14, 09:43
A new report from researchers at Oxford University argues that large dams are a risky invest…3 Replies
Projected yield changeLast post 30 Apr 17, 18:16
Hallo, liebe Leute,ich habe gelernt, dass man bei diesen wissenschaftlichen Studien eher "pr…2 Replies
projected in interference with a voice overLast post 09 Mar 10, 18:24
Wie würdet ihr im Folgenden "this videographic object will be projected in interference with…2 Replies
projected benefit payments to coupons and maturitiesLast post 04 Aug 13, 11:15
Our discount rate is determined based on a review of long-term, high quality corporate bonds…5 Replies

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