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groper, popery, popper, prober, propel, prosper, pyrope, romper Prober, Propen, Properz

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clean, proper - properLast post 14 May 08, 11:39
Wir im Duden mit Herkunft franzöische geführt. Bsp.: Sie ist ein proper Mädel. Ganz proper, …0 Replies
"proper" spellingLast post 05 Jun 13, 18:44
...an interesting point of view... making me wonder how "prejudiced" I may be... http://www…95 Replies
proper name = proper word !Last post 24 Aug 21, 17:10
Schon seit längerem trage ich die Idee mit mr herum, einen Faden mit Eigennamen zu starten, …84 Replies
proper = eigentlich ?Last post 24 Nov 20, 18:09
Hi,"proper" soll auch eigentlich heißen.Wie müsste denn so ein Satz mit "proper" als "eigent…11 Replies
proper nachgestelltLast post 29 Feb 08, 13:06
"The honour of inaugurating the Glasgow short story proper seems to belong to G. F. and E. G…3 Replies
Proper English?Last post 12 May 12, 23:33
I'm unsure whether the following sentences are correct or not. Could you help? There is a …7 Replies
Proper address format for UK addressesLast post 09 Sep 08, 14:05
I need to mail some some books to UK addresses where the postal address seems incorrect. I'm…16 Replies
properLast post 01 Jun 07, 18:43
To defend itself from indiscriminate terrorist attacks, brought about by the Intifada, which…2 Replies
... properLast post 07 Aug 09, 10:19
It was here that Ossetian militias went on the rampage - shooting, burning and looting until…2 Replies
properLast post 11 Jun 12, 11:39
the ante-natal proper was part of a military hospital added hastily at the beginning of the …15 Replies

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