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preposition Präposition

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proposition??Last post 02 Jun 05, 18:04
...maybe you should try my coke/banana proposition?/proposal?/suggestion? Ich wollte erst p…2 Replies
proposition Last post 11 Jun 16, 19:27
People just love to hear about the biggest, oldest, and most spectacular. And what could be…1 Replies
PropositionLast post 13 Dec 11, 23:06
PROPOSITION 1: A quoting strategy is consistent with symmetric BNE only if the round-one an…2 Replies
proposition - TheseLast post 12 Jul 13, 10:47
http://www.ecb.europa.eu/pub/pdf/other/ecbhistoryrolefunctions2006en.pdf However, it is a wi…0 Replies
value PropositionLast post 31 Mar 08, 13:51
Company x's impressive suite of software solutions festures several value propositions that …1 Replies
value proposition Last post 06 Oct 09, 11:18
..the company identified an initial rejection to the value proposition of Construmex from mig1 Replies
endowed - proposition?!Last post 06 Feb 07, 21:31
Ich möchte folgenden Satz übersetzen: "Der erste Preis ist mit 5.000 Euro dotiert" Heißt da…2 Replies
Losing propositionLast post 23 Jun 07, 09:23
"Protection of existing jobs is a losing proposition. Our future is in a more educated work …5 Replies
tougher propositionLast post 18 Aug 08, 16:38
With debt neither cheao or easy, highly geared players like speculators will find Europe a t…8 Replies
earlier propositionLast post 06 Aug 07, 15:35
Marketing: This philosophy builds on our earlier proposition "Have fun, go with us".1 Replies

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