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Orthographically similar words

pray, prey, spry

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jemmy, prize, prise, jimmy

Forum discussions containing the search term

pry - aufstemmenLast post 10 Aug 05, 22:08
http://www.siliconchef.com/archives/00000243.html I used a tire jack to pry the box open. di…2 Replies
to pry open - aufhebelnLast post 29 Jul 09, 13:18
"Bisherige Erkenntnisse deuten darauf hin, dass die Täter ein Türgitter aufgehebelt und den …1 Replies
to pry looseLast post 09 Mar 10, 16:19
His grandfather had just pried the box lids loose and bent them back. Kartondeckel muss man…8 Replies
to pry into sth.Last post 03 Oct 08, 18:56
The answer is no its just another way for the governmaent to try to pry into our lives and h…1 Replies
I don't want to pryLast post 15 Nov 13, 18:18
I don't want to pry, but I just wanted to make sure you're doing okay after our discussion o…4 Replies
to pry open stores of government informationLast post 25 Nov 07, 17:53
A mission to pry open stores of government information that he says are essential to Russian…8 Replies
if you can pry it from my cold dead handLast post 19 Aug 08, 19:46
where do the following words stem from? i mean, is it from the bible or something like that?…7 Replies
to be like pulling teeth - mühsam / sehr schwierig / beinahe unmöglich seinLast post 22 Aug 12, 21:27
• “Because people were stuck in old ways of doing business, it’s been like pulling teeth,” G4 Replies
"They used to give it to me good. I’m still trying to pry my underwear out."Last post 24 Feb 11, 13:40
Ein älterer Junge macht einen kleineren Jungen nieder und schüchtert ihn ein. Dann sagt er a…16 Replies
Kuhfuß - crowbar / prybarLast post 22 Jul 09, 20:51
http://www.feinewerkzeuge.de/prybar.htm Im Vergleich dazu: http://www.fine-tools.com/prybar…11 Replies