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    punch (Verb)

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bunching, pinching

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punching tool - KugelhalterLast post 06 Jun 05, 11:30
Ein punching tool ist ein Loch- und Stanzgerät und hat nichts mit Kugelhaltern zu tun. Leide…2 Replies
Boxbirne - punching ballLast post 09 Sep 10, 15:20
schweres ballförmiges Objekt, auf welches zum Trainieren geboxt wird http://www.google.de/pr…11 Replies
sprocket punchingLast post 25 Apr 07, 16:08
The computer imprintable polyester label material is suitable for sprocket punching.2 Replies
punching buttonsLast post 22 Feb 08, 13:09
Es geht um Jeansproduktion und wohl um den Arbeitsschritt bei dem die Metallknöpfe angebrach…1 Replies
hard-punchingLast post 15 Apr 08, 11:07
The EU's quick-reaction forces may be small, but many experts think these battlegroups are a…1 Replies
tongue-punchingLast post 22 Apr 11, 11:36
The Janus-faced palate started out sweet and juicy, but then the oak blasted through - power…2 Replies
stress punchingLast post 19 Oct 09, 11:36
stress punching of final pipe work installation das "punching" macht mir Kopfschmerzen!0 Replies
?bag/sandsack/punching sack...? - BoxsackLast post 07 Feb 03, 06:41
What's the official translation for 'Boxsack'? -thanx3 Replies
(special) finger punching machineLast post 04 May 06, 10:54
Jointing/Jointing tools (for timing belts): -special finger punching machine -heating press,…2 Replies
punch out, punching outLast post 19 Jun 10, 22:00
Start-up Shift Superintendent responsible to punch out the plant and develop startup and com…3 Replies