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purse, purser, pursuer Purser

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pursueLast post 12 Jul 08, 03:08
The current 17th National Assembly (2004–present) has received a total of 292 petitions. Of th4 Replies
to pursue a careerLast post 23 Dec 08, 18:25
kann man das so sagen? oder gibt es einen anderen/besseren ausdruck?2 Replies
pursue (romantically)Last post 16 Jan 09, 22:41
As in, "A man is pursuing me." "I am being pursued by several men, and I don't know whom I …7 Replies
"Faithfully pursue the policy of truth"Last post 23 May 06, 15:09
Guten Morgen an alle. Ich will ein Zippo-Feuerzeug gravieren lassen und weiterverschenken. …5 Replies
to embark on a strategy - eine Strategie verfolgenLast post 02 Jul 07, 19:58
Definitions: pursue a strategy = eine Strategie verfolgen http://www.dict.cc/english-germa…4 Replies
to pursue endsLast post 30 Jul 07, 11:13
This thesis holds that each art form should pursue ends distinct from other art forms. der …1 Replies
Pursue an interest.Last post 17 Jan 09, 21:49
I like to purse multiple interests. a1 Replies
pursue with detestation - Mit Abscheu verfolgen?Last post 25 Sep 08, 17:50
Aus einer Händel-Oper (ich gehe davon aus, dass es ein Zitat aus der Oper ist): Angelica, w…1 Replies
the couple manages to pursue his way - the couple manages to pursue its wayLast post 19 May 14, 21:40
I am not sure wether the correct possessive pronoun is "his" or "its" in this case, since th…4 Replies
to persue - verfolgen nachjagen nachgehen fortsetzen fortfahren etw. folgen weiterführen weiterverfolgen nach etw. streben betreibeLast post 08 Jul 10, 14:57
Main Entry: pur·sue Pronunciation: \\pər-ˈsü, -ˈsyü\\ Function: verb Inflected F3 Replies