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quartet Quartär, quartär, Quarte, Quartier

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quarter over quarterLast post 13 Jan 09, 15:59
Sales for the company's powertrain division dropped 2.7 per cent quarter-over-quarter, drive…3 Replies
Quarter Horse - Quarter HorseLast post 22 Feb 07, 09:30
Das Quarter Horse (QH) zählt zu den schnellsten Pferdender Welt bezogen auf die quater meile…1 Replies
Quarter Horse - Quarter HorseLast post 22 Feb 07, 12:23
Das Quarter Horse (QH) zählt zu den schnellsten Pferden der Welt, bezogen auf die quater mei…5 Replies
quarterLast post 31 May 10, 20:50
The quarters are stitched under the vamp. Ich habe folgenden Link gefunden, der den Begriff…4 Replies
quarter-on-quarter growthLast post 25 Jul 08, 13:59
The UK economy grew 0.2% in the second quarter of the year, as the credit crunch took its to…4 Replies
Halbband - quarter bound, quarter bindingLast post 29 Aug 11, 13:01
http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halbband http://www.publishingdictionary.com/definition/quarter…1 Replies
"quarter to" oder "a quarter to" bzw. "quarter past" oder "a quarter past"Last post 01 Mar 13, 09:12
Green Line für Gymnasium Bayern 5. Klasse Red Line für Realschule Bayern 5. Klasse In den S…1 Replies
quarter bindingLast post 30 Nov 03, 13:20
"He publishes some worthy academic titles in that basement of his." She nodded. "And I do so…2 Replies
quarter rightLast post 22 Jan 08, 19:10
"Shots from quarter right, on the treeline." Soldiers at th front4 Replies
quarter panelLast post 25 Jan 09, 22:48
The no-sew upper minimizes opportunities for hot spots that could lead to chafing, while the…2 Replies

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