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listed, market-listed, notated

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oft-quoted / oft quotedLast post 27 Apr 09, 22:01
is this proper english? some online dictionaries mention it, others not.2 Replies
quoted - zitiertLast post 30 Nov 10, 12:51
Könnt ihr mir auch bei der Übersetzung dieses Absatzes helfen??? Other conspiracy theories …0 Replies
lower quoted depthsLast post 21 Jun 06, 18:14
we also find that firms with higher qualitiy disclosures have lower quoted depths. Bitte um …0 Replies
UK-quoted sharesLast post 18 Jul 07, 17:22
Wie würdet ihr UK-quoted shares übersetzen? - an den Börsen des Vereinigten Königreichs geführt2 Replies
quoted / unquoted investmentsLast post 21 Nov 07, 19:59
It includes investments in other corporate bodies and may be divided into quoted investments…5 Replies
quoted market ratesLast post 07 May 08, 18:48
he buys and sells currency at quoted market rates Er kauft und verkauf Währungen zu notiert…0 Replies
most quoted scholars in the arts and humanitiesLast post 06 Aug 10, 01:32
such a list probably doesn't exist in german but i think it would be very interesting if it …17 Replies
at the quoted capacity Last post 14 Aug 13, 16:19
SWP can by the SWP Run@Rate process verify that the supplier’s manufacturing process is capa…1 Replies
"...is quoted as using the word ..."Last post 09 Nov 06, 22:14
was heißt "Jesus is quoted as using the word happy only once" in gutem deutsch? "Jesus wird…1 Replies
Our prices are quoted CIF London.Last post 22 Mar 07, 15:44
Our prices are quoted CIF London. Kann mir jemand helfen??5 Replies