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crap, frap, ramp, rape, rapt, rasp, reap, trap, wrap Raps, Trap, Wrap

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Rap-Lied / Rap-GruppeLast post 26 Mar 10, 04:30
Should these be hyphenated in German? I'm not at all confident about hyphenation rules in Ge…8 Replies
Mainstream German rap/pop songLast post 02 Nov 16, 11:55
I honestly want to listen to some German music that suits my taste, so any recommendation is…8 Replies
to rap someone's knuckles - jemandem einen Verweis aussprechenLast post 26 Jul 07, 20:23
Sollte m.E. "jemandem einen Verweis erteilen" heissen (dieser Ausdruck findet sich auch scho…2 Replies
Was bedeutet ''to rap''Last post 17 Apr 14, 12:11
Hier die englische Definition: to rap;to hit by using a series of quick blows. He rapped …2 Replies
Need help with rap slangLast post 16 Feb 05, 10:44
A Berlin journalist has published an interview with the rap artist 50 Cent in German, and I'…15 Replies
to rap so over sth.Last post 19 Jul 18, 16:45
LEO hat einen Eintrag für to rap so. for sth. im Sinne von jemandem für etwas kritisieren. N…2 Replies
weapon rapLast post 06 Dec 06, 17:40
V. J. was wasn't home. He came up with assault and concealed w. r. Verwarnung wg. Tragens ve…1 Replies
to rapLast post 13 Nov 06, 20:41
"In order to pass the class, the student must be able to rap in German for at least 30 secon…1 Replies
bum rapLast post 14 Jul 08, 18:30
Ich habe einen Brief bekommen darin steht folgender Satz: I think Peace gets a bum rap. Was…8 Replies
bad rapLast post 08 Oct 06, 16:47
http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,1895,2019106,00.asp IT has gotten a bad rap for not being ab…4 Replies