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re-cover, reconvey, recover

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energetic recovery system - die RückspeisungLast post 02 Apr 10, 11:25
From the DE>EN perspective, this "energetic" has to go!2 Replies
contingency Last post 05 Jul 12, 17:39
In the context of risk management people use "contingency plan" and "recovery plan". What is…9 Replies
recovery - WiederfindungLast post 02 Mar 04, 21:04
Scientific books Recovery (Wiederfindung) in Science is, what is left from the original inp…2 Replies
recovery vs. recyclingLast post 11 Jan 10, 16:02
siehe DIRECTIVE 2008/98/EC In den Gesetztestexten wird recovery mit wiederverwertung überse…5 Replies
(expresion for recovery) Last post 04 Jan 11, 07:46
How do you say when you want someone to recover quickly? (In English and German) To my min…1 Replies
Water recovery - WassergewinnungLast post 25 Aug 05, 22:40
Langenscheidt - Wörterbuch Umwelttechnik4 Replies
Ruderpause - recoveryLast post 23 Mar 11, 17:23
Context: A semi-scientific article (for customers, not scientists) about sensors that can be…4 Replies
Recompensation - recoveryLast post 14 Jul 09, 08:27
From a subject narrative (progression of heart failure, serious) I received from a German na…7 Replies
free recovery, await rescueLast post 30 Dec 12, 12:44
Ein Autobahnhinweisschild, das oft bei Baustellen steht, wenn ein von der Fahrbahn abgekomme…13 Replies
crash recovery - die FehlerbeseitigungLast post 26 Aug 08, 16:41
Andrew S. Tanenbaum: 'Moderne Betriebssysteme', 2. Auflage, Fachwörterverzeichnis Englisch -…2 Replies