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    reduce (Verb)

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Orthographically similar words

deduced, reduce, reducer

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lowered, shortened

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reduced-emission adj. [autom.] - abgasarmLast post 11 Mar 05, 15:44
Der deutsche Ausdruck ist sachlich unrichtig. Wenn weniger schädliche Substanzen aus Kfzs pu…6 Replies
reduzierten sich - reduced to / has been reduced toLast post 27 Jul 10, 15:19
"The control over production and market has shifted from the industrialists to the hands of …3 Replies
RISC-computer, reduced instruction set computer - der RISC-RechnerLast post 18 Aug 09, 18:20
FWIW, Google hits: about 16,800 for "risc computer" about 78,600 for "risc architecture" abo…7 Replies
vermindert um - reduced byLast post 26 Jun 08, 11:46
Stimmt das so?1 Replies
gear reduced - reduziertes GetriebeLast post 17 Nov 05, 15:28
The machining plate drive is variable speed, gear reduced.... Gear reduction = Getriebereduz…3 Replies
reduzieren um - reduced by?Last post 29 Jan 07, 15:11
Wie sage ich, dass etwas um x% reduziert wurde? Wie übersetze ich "um"?1 Replies
reduced amounts Last post 29 Apr 06, 15:03
"For drivers, this offers a simple advantage: their vehicles will pump out greatly reduced a…2 Replies
reduced juiceLast post 08 Aug 08, 15:53
Was bedeutet dieser Begriff im zusammenhang mit Sportwetten?2 Replies
depressed, reducedLast post 11 Apr 08, 15:41
“In the European Alps, summer temperatures were depressed by more than 10 °C and precipitatio2 Replies
reduced blankingLast post 11 Sep 08, 15:10
The 1920 x 1080 resolution for DVI-I support reduced blanking only. Aus der Anleitung einer…3 Replies