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    reel (Verb)

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Orthographically similar words

feeling, freeing, heeling, peeling, reeding Reling

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reelingLast post 09 May 09, 13:59
Haiti was reeling last night from a series of tropical storms which devastated crops and infr2 Replies
reelingLast post 01 Jun 09, 21:10
"my world is spinning and spinning and spinning it is unbelievable, sends me reeling" danke…1 Replies
Taumelkreis - reeling circleLast post 07 Aug 09, 13:33
Es geht darum, dass der Taumelkreis eines Kontakts bzgl. der Kontaktkammer nicht in Ordnung …2 Replies
reeling inLast post 26 Jul 07, 00:13
which looped itself happily around the nearest Death Eater and began reeling in. HP Band 7 …1 Replies
silk reelingLast post 14 Jul 08, 13:09
Even in silk reeling, then, traditional tools changed already in the early years under the i…3 Replies
Reeling from the economic crisisLast post 08 May 09, 09:33
Would you translate this with unter der wirtschatlichen Krise leiden1 Replies
I found myself staggering and reeling.Last post 21 Sep 09, 16:48
Hallo, meine Frage ist wie man "I found myself" hier sinngemäß korrekt übersetzen würde. I…1 Replies
I was reeling - ich schwankteLast post 27 Jan 07, 11:47
Normally that amused me, but I was reeling. I wanted to be strong ..., but I could barely br…1 Replies
reeling in resonanceLast post 20 Feb 10, 05:34
"This seems close indeed to the radiant “hearts” and other bits and pieces of de-materia0 Replies
reeling toLast post 20 Oct 09, 14:20
But a dismal set of figures on retail sales, which fell by 1.5% in September, sent the dolla…2 Replies