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    reflect (Verb) 

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reflected lightLast post 03 Apr 07, 10:41
When visually examined using reflected light, parts shall be free from dirt, corrosion..... …1 Replies
transmitted vs. reflectedLast post 18 Nov 07, 08:12
When light shines on a material, it is either relected or transmitted. Worin unterscheidet …3 Replies
money has reflectedLast post 26 Jun 23, 12:12
Aus einer Nachricht, die vermutlich von einem englischen Muttersprachler kommt:I will update…2 Replies
this is reflected in or this is reflected byLast post 25 Jun 09, 12:44
... greater emphasis has been placed on activating the unemployed in the short run. In Germa…3 Replies
reflected onto the surfaceLast post 28 May 14, 10:46
arachnoid is reflected onto the surface of the blood vessels in the subarachnoid space, and …2 Replies
mirrored - spiegeltLast post 28 May 04, 12:58
DEUTSCH: "Dies spiegelt sich in mein Lebenslauf wieder" leo: nur mirrored, was falsch wäre. …5 Replies
reflected power - RücklaufleistungLast post 05 Feb 10, 18:13
The reflected power of the transmitter shall be 1 Replies
detailed and dimensioned reflected ceiling plansLast post 06 Apr 07, 14:51
detailed and dimensioned reflected ceiling plans1 Replies
bask in the reflected glory ofLast post 06 Nov 09, 22:04
You cannot find yourself without friendship. Perhaps there is an echo of that when someone s…15 Replies
glass shards reflected moonlight in the dirtLast post 06 Jun 11, 13:55
The place was overgrown, spooky in its neglect. Plywood was nailed over several of the windo…1 Replies

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