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gratify, refresh, comfort - letzenLast post 17 Jul 09, 14:36
Cassell's German-English Dictionary1 Replies
to recreate - erquickenLast post 17 Jan 06, 16:36
according to dwds.de, erquicken has no reasonable meaning equivalent to the English recreate…0 Replies
refresh (battery)Last post 16 Aug 06, 01:53
"Kontext" - Fragenkatalog eines PC-Programms zur Fehleranalyse: Which steps have been taken…3 Replies
refresh lightLast post 09 Apr 10, 06:17
Flat detector refresh light " Use of the refresh light to clear the image afterglow makes t…1 Replies
Tonnage verjüngern..... - refresh tonnageLast post 16 Sep 09, 12:53
Die Firma verjüngt durch diese Schiffe die zu betreuende Tonnage um ein Vielfaches und erwei…0 Replies
technology refresh structureLast post 22 Jun 08, 09:38
Finance is our business, and our expertise as a market leader means that we can make leasing…1 Replies
auto refresh cycleLast post 19 Aug 10, 10:29
Aus einem Patent (EP 05 759 479) - das Druckexemplar ist hier einsehbar: https://register.ep…2 Replies
... please refresh me?Last post 14 Feb 10, 12:45
...im Zusammenhang mit " It has been a while, .... Soll das bedeuten, dass man sich nicht m…2 Replies
"refresh" basket?Last post 16 Jun 08, 15:37
If you put goods in your basket in an E-Shop and then before you go to the counter to pay th…2 Replies
relax, refresh, and rechargeLast post 01 Jun 11, 16:27
Relax, refresh, and recharge at one of our massage stations! Trained state and nationally c…6 Replies