Possible base forms for "regarding"

    regard (Verb) 

Orthographically similar words

regrading, retarding, rewarding

Related search terms

respecting, pertaining, relating, as, re, anent, concerning

Forum discussions containing the search term

Concerns regarding / matters regardingLast post 17 Sep 14, 10:21
I shifted to a new position within the Company. In the future, please contact my colleague X…1 Replies
Regarding - gegenüberLast post 19 Aug 05, 13:15
Me Gegenüber Dritten hat eine Beschränkung der Vertreterbefugnis daher keine rechtliche Wirk…2 Replies
other-regardingLast post 01 Apr 06, 18:33
Values: self-interest versus other-regarding In diesem Zusammenhang: vertetene Werte der Ge…1 Replies
private regardingLast post 08 Nov 07, 02:57
behavior which deviates from the formal duties of the public role because of private regardi…1 Replies
Compliment regarding....Last post 04 Mar 09, 18:00
Thank you for your compliment regarding my German. What is the preposition in this case? Ko…1 Replies
self-regardingLast post 14 Nov 07, 06:54
"Musharraf, whose military career includes seven years in the Pakistani Special Forces, is a…2 Replies
regarding loanLast post 29 Mar 06, 04:37
He financed the flat in Berlin with a regarding loan. Wer kann mir auf die schnelle helfen?4 Replies
concerning Last post 13 Aug 09, 12:24
Guten Morgen, gibt es einen signifikanten Unterschied zwischen concerning und regarding? Zu…2 Replies
Regarding Sales..Last post 23 Aug 06, 11:59
Regarding Sales & Promotion, Herr Müller has business trips 2 times per month. I always have Qu2 Replies
question regarding styleLast post 25 Sep 08, 08:17
I have just read the following sentence in a British travel guide about Scottland: "Flatter…16 Replies

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