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regardlessLast post 22 Feb 09, 22:02
(vorher spricht er über etwas anderes) Regardless, i didn't like monitoring her. könnte man…3 Replies
still, regardless - immernochLast post 08 Aug 07, 11:13
3,520,000 hits bei Google. The word is obviously informal but very clearly used. "Warum i…7 Replies
regardless - unabhängig (von)Last post 01 Mar 09, 14:09
...unabhängig von Dauer...2 Replies
irrespective v. regardlessLast post 22 Aug 05, 01:34
In case of a termination with cause under Article 2, Section 3, his shares have – irrespecti…1 Replies
regardless - unabhängig vonLast post 24 Feb 06, 10:45
As he and his buisness colleague were the very last ones to leave the bar, it is possible th…4 Replies
regardless of specificsLast post 31 Aug 20, 18:53
ich will sagen "ungeachtet der Spezifik" but that doesn't feel right. the sentence something…6 Replies
regardless of what Last post 30 Jan 10, 16:31
Er sagte mir, dass es immer gut sei ein Portfolio zu haben, egal was ich mal später machen w…1 Replies
regardless of = independent on?Last post 14 Dec 12, 16:07
Hallo, ich muss hier eine Introduction schreiben und finde es sehr schwierig vom Inhalt her …11 Replies
...whatsoever regardless of the...Last post 04 Jan 11, 17:09
Error probability is given as 29% indicating that there is no influence whatsoever regardles…5 Replies
my mind races ahead, regardlessLast post 25 Jul 12, 11:44
Taken from the Peter principle's foreword by Robert I. Sutton. "More research is needed to …3 Replies

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