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Regulation, regulation Regulation

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EU privacy regulations Last post 27 Nov 07, 10:31
I'm helping a friend who is editor-in-chief of a small professional journal, now with about …2 Replies
European privacy regulationsLast post 10 Aug 07, 21:20
I think that Europeans will have much better knowledge and insight into this issue than I, a…4 Replies
Vorschriften / regulationsLast post 05 Apr 11, 16:46
Es geht um Sicherheitshinweise bei Erdungen von leitfähigen Materialien. Im Verarbeitungshi…8 Replies
Consumer protection laws and regulations in GermanyLast post 19 Dec 06, 10:17
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Umweltrichtlinien - environmental regulationsLast post 13 Jun 07, 14:40
Erfüllung von Umweltrichtlinien (Emissionsgrenzwerte Lärm und Abgas) Simple though it seems,…6 Replies
Rules of the Road at Sea - die Seeschifffahrtsstraßenordnung (SeeSchStrO)Last post 06 Apr 21, 10:11
https://www.britannica.com/topic/rules-of-the-road-at-sea Rules of the road at sea, internat…0 Replies
breach of customs regulations - ZollordnungswidrigkeitLast post 28 Aug 13, 22:19
Dietl/Lorenz Dictionary breach of customs (BE and excise) regulations6 Replies
EU Verordnungen - EU Regulations or Regulations of the EULast post 22 Feb 07, 13:53
Which alternative is the right/better one?3 Replies
Arbeitsverwaltungsbestimmungen - labour administrative regulations Last post 01 Jun 08, 12:14
so richtig?1 Replies
specific regulations - vorbestimmten Vorschriften Last post 16 Sep 08, 13:59
Coordinates the drawing up of the specific regulations (for the teaching activity, teaching …0 Replies