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nervous adj - reizbarLast post 21 Apr 16, 10:10
(1) nervous - reizbarTo the best of my knowledge we don't use 'nervous' in this sense in BE…5 Replies
tetchily - empfindlich, reizbar, mürrischLast post 28 Nov 11, 09:42
When Velten patiently explains that he can't continue to demand budget increases for a proje…1 Replies
flappable - leicht reizbar Last post 18 Aug 08, 21:22
http://www.thefreedictionary.com/flappable">flappable4 Replies
Sie werden leicht reizbar - They become tetchyLast post 28 Oct 10, 22:57
ist das ok?3 Replies
leicht reizbar/genervtLast post 06 Jun 08, 09:12
Sorry, aber ich bin zur Zeit einfach ziemlich gestresst und dadurch leicht reizbar und schne…2 Replies
lemon cornet und pricklyLast post 04 Jan 07, 12:20
Ein Hund namens Sooty macht sich Gedanken, wörtlich „Life Lessons According to Sooty“ u3 Replies
I think that's why I've been on such a short fuse the past fewLast post 16 Jul 08, 08:55
I think that's why I've been on such a short fuse the past few weeks. (es geht um Stress in…4 Replies
Prickly characterLast post 01 Jul 09, 16:33
If someone has a "prickly character"...how could this be translated into De? Stachelig?3 Replies
to be spiky and chippyLast post 14 May 09, 16:37
Ich habe letztens ein Buch gelesen, in dem dieser Ausdruck vor kam. Kann leider keinen genau…1 Replies
to be due to lack of sleepLast post 11 Jan 09, 22:25
"I'm irritable due to lack of sleep . " Does anyone know a good translation for this sentence?51 Replies