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deject, eject, resect

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refuse, scrap, discard

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Refuse/rejectLast post 01 Jun 09, 12:57
Hi everyone, I was wondering about the difference between reject and refuse? In my point of…2 Replies
in-production reject score - die FertigungsreklamationsnoteLast post 22 Oct 13, 17:49
LEO: http://dict.leo.org/ende/index_de.html#/search=Fertigungsreklamationsnote&searchLoc=0&r1 Replies
rejectLast post 22 Jun 08, 13:33
What is the maximum possible efficiency for a heat engine that burns fuel at 427 C and rejec…1 Replies
Difference between reject and declineLast post 17 Oct 09, 11:33
Good morning, just a short question. Where is the difference between "reject" and "decline"…2 Replies
Reject boxLast post 25 May 09, 05:06
reject box (this is a part of a machine) dringend, vielen Dank im voraus.1 Replies
reject / dump Last post 29 Jul 14, 14:25
Safety Guidance Notes for Safe Operation of Plant: Any relevant product purges / reject / d…1 Replies
reject timeLast post 08 Oct 15, 15:15
XXX wants to achieve a system cost reduction, lower cycle and lower reject times with the ne…1 Replies
a reject effectLast post 11 May 09, 21:30
some kinds of alcohols have a reject effect. Wie könnte ich das a reject effect übersetzen?…5 Replies
export-reject shopLast post 20 Apr 11, 15:40
shirts from the export-reject shop Der Begriff kommt in einem Roman vor, der in Iniden spie…2 Replies
refuse/rejectLast post 24 Jan 08, 17:41
Worin liegt der Unterschied wenn man sagt, ein Dokument ist refused oder rejected?2 Replies