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resistate Resistanz, resistent

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resistively, resistingly, resistibly

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beschusshemmend - bullet-resistant, ballistic resistantLast post 22 Aug 14, 12:44
Beschussklassen - SITEC - Sicherheitstechnik Aufstellung der neuen Beschussklassen nach DIN …1 Replies
resistant strainsLast post 15 Nov 07, 01:16
"The use of the drug has typically caused resistant strains of the disease to evolve which r…1 Replies
resistant starchLast post 08 Jun 10, 04:08
How can i translate the term 'restistant starch' into german? The context is as follows: "T…2 Replies
tear resistantLast post 24 Jun 08, 10:27
The tag has a first or base ply and a second tear resistant ply or liner. The underside face…1 Replies
Ligature resistantLast post 18 Apr 09, 18:40 Duschköpfe, Wasser13 Replies
break-resistantLast post 19 Mar 05, 12:45 Arcuisine is a full …1 Replies
spark-resistantLast post 29 Aug 11, 20:35
The tool had a spark-resistant black caoting. Es geht um eine Art Brecheisen. "Funkensicher…4 Replies
chloroquine-resistant Last post 03 Aug 10, 08:43
Areas of Indonesia have chloroquine-resistant P. falciparum malaria. What does "chloroquin…4 Replies
spark resistantLast post 26 Oct 10, 12:53
Hallo, suche eine Übersetzung (was sonst ;->), müsste ein Fachbegriff aus dem Hochspannungs…2 Replies
Frost resistant or Frost-Resistant? (Hyphens)Last post 01 Sep 15, 18:26
I believe I am write in saying that in an expression like "I need frost resistant products",…7 Replies

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