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Orthographically similar words

resole, resolved, resolver, revolve

Related search terms

decide, solubilize, solve, solubilise, dissolve

Forum discussions containing the search term

resolve stereotypes ?Last post 02 May 13, 18:40
Hey, can you "resolve stereotypes" , so make them disappear ( because people get to know ea…5 Replies
Solve vs. ResolveLast post 25 May 09, 10:02
"Ein Problem lösen" wird laut LEO mit "to solve a problem", aber auch "to resolve a p4 Replies
solve vs. resolveLast post 20 Dec 05, 11:06
Hallo! Wo ist denn der Unterschied zwischen solve und resolve, wann nimmt man was? Also, wan…3 Replies
resolve/allay/dispel/assuage doubtsLast post 08 Dec 15, 12:32
Zweifel kann man ja ausräumen oder zumindest verringern. Bestimmt gibt es auf Deutsch noch v…2 Replies
resolve concernLast post 12 Aug 08, 07:54
Abolish the option to require for paper invoices to be stored in the Member State as the pri…1 Replies
conditioning/resolveLast post 04 May 08, 19:54
One young woman felt she needed to spend more time with Amma every year. She was not very co…10 Replies
resolve ofLast post 29 Feb 20, 16:08
Shall I make spirits fetch me what I please,Resolve me of all ambiguities,Perform what despe…4 Replies
resolve & letters - beschließen & BuchstabenLast post 12 May 13, 02:47
He threw me out of his house to die, I resolved to live. I soon learnt that the contents of …2 Replies
discuss and resolve - austragen (Meinungsverschiedenheiten)Last post 23 Dec 11, 09:18
Muret-Sanders: (Meinungsverschiedenheiten) argue out; (zu Ende bringen) settle, resolve; Du…0 Replies
resolve a claimLast post 14 Apr 05, 20:59
Plaintiff is demanding $500,000 to resolve this claim in its entirety.2 Replies