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    resource (Verb) 

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resource Ressource

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resourcesLast post 16 Aug 09, 02:39
Resources. Communication absorbs resources; we must be attentive to what we say and what we …3 Replies
resourcesLast post 18 Jul 07, 02:51
Genauer: Language resources an online publication of language resources hat jemand eine id…1 Replies
resourcesLast post 15 Sep 16, 14:08
xy-team (approx. 31 resources globally) Hat schon mal jemand gehört oder gelesen, dass der…4 Replies
much resources - many resourcesLast post 19 Nov 08, 02:29
Um auszudrücken, dass jemand sparsam leben muss, weil sie nicht viele Ressourcen hat. Heißt…8 Replies
less resources vs. fewer resourcesLast post 02 Feb 10, 10:11
The program requires fewer/less resources after you disable this option. Heißt es "fewer re…3 Replies
Human resourcesLast post 25 Feb 09, 17:27
mir ist nicht ganz klar wie der Unterschied zwischen human resource und resources i…3 Replies
Translation resourcesLast post 04 Jul 02, 06:09
Can anyone recommend any other language forums, specifically for translators to pool ideas, …2 Replies
resources distributionLast post 04 Feb 05, 06:23
It is this second kind, the actualization hierarchy, that I probably better describes the ad…1 Replies
reputational resourcesLast post 24 Apr 08, 15:38
kind of social capital Integrity: by activating reputational resources associated with membe…1 Replies
expert resourcesLast post 11 Sep 06, 11:36
i.e. regional and national management and expert resources Gelder für Expertenberatung? Dank…2 Replies

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