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respectiveLast post 17 Jul 07, 02:12
P1's energies depend on x1 and P2's energies depend on x2, which is in particular true for t…1 Replies
"respective"Last post 01 Sep 11, 12:56
I'm reading an English translation of an article originally written in German. I don't have …11 Replies
respectiveLast post 14 Mar 12, 12:25
...Immunoreactivity of the fractions was determined in a cortisol EIA (X and Y. 1997) and an…3 Replies
jeweilig - respectiveLast post 06 May 07, 13:19
Für die in ANLAGE 1 sowie in Ziffer 1.3 beschriebenen Supportleistungen wird ein Aufpreis vo…5 Replies
respective - jeweiligeLast post 22 Jun 09, 16:05
Ich habe es bisher so in meinen Zusammenhang eingebunden: Please note: all articles below a…5 Replies
respective vs. respectivelyLast post 15 Jan 08, 13:27
The first, second, and third elements identified in the sample were oxygen, fluorine, and hy…9 Replies
respective or respectively?Last post 22 Mar 07, 18:09
"This document contains internal resp. confidential data." I don't want to abbreviate "resp…2 Replies
respective als AdjektivLast post 01 Dec 04, 10:57
Gilt eigentlich für das Adjektive das Gleiche, was hier in -zig Diskussionen über das Adverb…3 Replies
receive their respectiveLast post 24 Nov 14, 18:53
The marketing coordinators receive their respective X or Y pin directly from their X or Y te…4 Replies
respective division/departmentLast post 19 Oct 11, 18:46
Please address any specific issues or concerns that arose during the meeting to the respecti…1 Replies

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