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verantwortlich - responsibleLast post 31 May 06, 13:54
Der verantwortliche Mann: geht "the responsible man" oder muss es heißen: "the man in charg…6 Replies
Verantwortlicher / responsibleLast post 20 Oct 10, 14:37
I'm proofreading a document in which there are two boxes at the top of each page to be fille…6 Replies
\t \tresponsible\t \t \t - \t \tder Träger Pl.: die Träger - OrganisationLast post 30 Nov 16, 16:59
Leo also has:responsible body [law]   derTräger | dieTrägerin  Pl.:  - verantwortliche Kö12 Replies
to be liable or responsible for - haften fürLast post 19 Feb 08, 11:19
Pons Großwörterbuch haften 2. (die Haftung übernehmen) für jdn/etw. - to be responsible (or …0 Replies
verantwortungsbewußt - responsibleLast post 18 Feb 11, 10:37
er ist sehr verantwortungsbewußt in seinem Arbeitsbereich.11 Replies
for whomever was responsibleLast post 08 Jan 15, 20:56
From the New York Times today: "Mr. Cazeneuve, who left an emergency government meeting to g11 Replies
responsibleLast post 12 Oct 16, 18:25
Warning! Not suitable for children under 3 years.Choking and Suffocation hazard! Children un…3 Replies
responsibleLast post 10 Aug 16, 23:00
Charlie looks Renfrew in the eye. For all his insistence, there is no anger,no threat to him…8 Replies
Verantwortlicher - person responsibleLast post 29 Aug 10, 23:45
Der Kunde benennt einen Lösungsverantwortlichen (mit Stellvertreter), welcher XXX gegenüber …3 Replies
Betreuerin - responsible person?Last post 13 Jul 09, 14:48
responsible person?! :-)5 Replies