Possible base forms for "reverse"

   revers (Adjective)
   der Revers (Noun)

Orthographically similar words

revere, reverie, revers, reversed, reverser Reverie, Revers

Related search terms

converse, invert, contrary, backwards, turn, back

Forum discussions containing the search term

reverseLast post 31 May 08, 16:42
Scientists have reversed the damage done to the brain by Alzheimer's disease during tests on…4 Replies
reverseLast post 26 Apr 19, 16:59
Die Polizisten finden einen Ermordeten mit ungewöhnlichen Verletzungen. Sie erinnern sich ei…9 Replies
reverseLast post 27 Jan 14, 03:44
It is entered in the XXXX Register of Companies, volume yyyy, folio xx reverse, page number …1 Replies
reverse compile, reverse assembleLast post 09 Mar 07, 11:50
Aus einer Vereinbarung über die Verwendung technischer Informationen: The customer shall no…4 Replies
reverse auction - AusschreibungLast post 22 Jan 08, 17:06
The use of online reverse auctions is becoming a permanent fixture in industrial sourcing, a…1 Replies
reverse bournoutLast post 23 Mar 10, 11:10
Kennt jemand die deutsche Entsprechung für "reverse bournout". Es muss irgendwas mit Autos u…2 Replies
reverse dictionaryLast post 24 Mar 06, 10:42
Unter http://www.onelook.com/reverse-dictionary.shtml gibt es ein englischsprachiges "Revers…1 Replies
inverse/reverseLast post 05 Apr 14, 14:15
Habe bisher immer reverse snobbery benutzt, dieser Tage ginge es mir durch den Kopf, dass vi…4 Replies
reverse-engineeredLast post 08 Mar 05, 23:09
"The demand for Pro-Forma-Earnings figures might lead these companies to publish them volunt…2 Replies
reverse auctionLast post 26 Apr 06, 18:56
how we are using reverse auctions to reduce costs. Es geht wohl um Materialbeschaffung. Bin …1 Replies

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