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    ride (Verb) 

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rode a jittery highLast post 06 Feb 09, 03:15
I didn´t feel the remorse or the guilt or the rage in that second.I knew, they would come again5 Replies
Mary rode Joseph's assLast post 15 Sep 12, 19:25
From: The New York City Cab Drivers Joke Book, Vol. 2 As unlikely as it may seem, a woman ac…3 Replies
....rode to their house....Last post 03 Aug 09, 05:55
We rode our bikes to their house, a distance of perhaps 5 km. I could use some help with th…2 Replies
... the reeve rode thither and ...Last post 05 Aug 11, 21:55
And in his days came first three ships of Norwegians from Hörthaland around Hardanger Fjord;…2 Replies
... the pig you rode in onLast post 27 Feb 13, 11:47
Ich brauche Hilfe bei einem wütenden Gedanken in meinem britischen Roman. Meine Protagonist…10 Replies
and the horse they rode in onLast post 19 May 10, 22:49
Aus dem Film "Changeling", der im Amerika der 20er Jahre spielt. Zwei zu Unrecht in eine ps…2 Replies
an authentic rode-hard-and-hung-up-wet lookLast post 07 Dec 09, 16:02
The leather, suede and linen costume has a particularly authentic rode-hard-and-hung-up-wet …8 Replies
I rode with my horse Leila on the beach last weekLast post 14 Mar 10, 19:04
Sagt man I rode with my horse??? Denke1 Replies
the look of being rode hard and put away wet - wie ausgespuckt aussehenLast post 21 Nov 19, 14:05
"Well, you know what they say about how you can't tell drug addicts from non-drug addicts, b…12 Replies
Mr. Rode had just caused two divorces; and of course allt he women were dying for him. - Mr. Rode hatte gerade zwei Ehescheidungen verursacht, und natürlich waren nun alle Frauen zum Sterben in ihn verliebt.Last post 13 Sep 09, 11:11
In einer alten Übersetzung (ca. 1840) heißt es Mr. Rode hatte gerade zwei Ehescheidungen ver…2 Replies

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