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Orthographically similar words

bound, found, ground, hound, pound, sound, wound Grund, Ronde, Rondo, rund, Runde

Related search terms

rounded, blast, pull, around, rotund, lift

Forum discussions containing the search term

round bastion - RundturmLast post 02 Jan 12, 20:48
Ursprünglich im Jahr 1543 als Rundbastei mit Turm errichtet, wurde die Anlage 1625 von Elias…1 Replies
merry go round - ReitplatzLast post 26 Nov 07, 20:12
Wenn ich merry-go-round höre, habe ich Jahrmarktmusik im Ohr und sehe ein Karussell vor mir.…8 Replies
round table - RundtischLast post 10 Sep 05, 15:03
"Rundtisch (Maschinenbau)" sollte auf Englisch "rotary table" heißen. "rotary axis" sind im…1 Replies
round boxes?Last post 17 Jan 06, 12:32
on a form, if the shapes to be ticked are round, not square, could you still call them boxes…10 Replies
whip roundLast post 16 Aug 05, 13:25
I am reading Staring at the Sun by Julian Barnes and the following has got me throughly befu…1 Replies
round - KanonLast post 22 Sep 15, 12:24
M-W: 3 round noun Definition of ROUND ... 3: a musical canon in which each part begins on the2 Replies
round robin - Rundlauf-Verfahren, Round-RobinLast post 13 Sep 10, 16:06
http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Round_Robin_%28Informatik%29 Der Begriff Rundlauf-Verfahren od…5 Replies
rounding off - aufrundendLast post 16 Apr 05, 21:05
First of all, I don't see why this entry is in the participle form rather than in the inifin…3 Replies
the round fileLast post 09 Oct 08, 11:55
In the US, if something is going directly into the trash, we might say: "It's going in the r…25 Replies
round/around > difference???Last post 06 May 08, 15:15
I read a book and there's written: I ran round; turned round... why not: I ran around, turne…3 Replies