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roundabout - VerkehrskreisLast post 05 Jul 17, 00:14
Das Wort bezeichnet im Deutschen etwas anderes, nicht den roundabout = Kreisverkehr / (eher…17 Replies
roundaboutLast post 02 Dec 13, 10:30
Man hört ja zunehmend im Deutschen das Wort roundabout im Sinne von ungefähr. Also: "roundab…9 Replies
roundaboutLast post 22 Apr 20, 19:03
Hallo, guten Morgen, vorgestern sagte eine Sprecherin im TV: "der Kandidat X bekam 47,5%, d…39 Replies
roundaboutLast post 04 Jan 09, 02:35
When giving directions involving the name of a particular roundabout e.g at the XY roundabou…1 Replies
roundaboutLast post 05 Sep 08, 16:10
What you gonna paint? I asked Debbie,who was shaking up the Brilliant Red and Hot Pink.I wi…7 Replies
roundabout productionLast post 12 Aug 09, 16:06
As the progress of technology increased, the degree of roundabout production increased8 Replies
crossroads + roundaboutLast post 05 Oct 18, 21:02
He had walked aimlessly for nearly one more hour, hungry, thirsty, drenched in sweat and tea…15 Replies
roundabout caseLast post 11 Feb 18, 09:46
"a roundabout case for""There is Begbie, who, by holding himself up as a model of anti-heroi…2 Replies
in a roundabout wayLast post 07 Dec 07, 17:47
groundwater will be protected in a roundabout way. looking for German translation or Englis…4 Replies
roundabout, rond-point, circus - KreisverkehrLast post 28 Apr 09, 14:10
M-W: rotary 2 : a road junction formed around a central circle about which traffic moves in…5 Replies