Possible base forms for "said"

    say (Verb) 

Orthographically similar words

acid, aid, aide, AIDS, Aids, aids, amid, arid, avid, Maid, maid, paid, raid, sad, sail, saki, Sami, sand, sapid, sard, sari, sati, scad, shad, side, Sind, skid, staid Acid, Aids, Amid, arid, Azid, Isai, Maid, Saiph, Sand, Sari, Sati, Waid

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Die Bildung abgeleiteter Adverbien
Die meisten abgeleiteten Adverbien werden durch Anhängen von -ly an das Adjektiv gebildet.
Das Komma bei der direkten Rede
Wenn ein Satz in der direkten Rede durch einen Begleitsatz* eingeleitet wird, steht in der Regel am Ende des Begleitsatzes ein Komma.Erscheint der Begleitsatz nach der direkten Red…
Der Gebrauch des Adverbs im gesprochenen Englisch
Drive slow / slowly here - there’s a radar trap coming up.
Die Anführungszeichen
Aussagen in der direkten Rede¹ werden in Anführungszeichen gesetzt. Dabei können sowohl einfache (‘…’) als auch doppelte (“…”) Anführungszeichen² verwendet werden. Einfache Anführu…

Forum discussions containing the search term

that being said/ having said that/ said thatLast post 13 Sep 07, 19:56
Hallo, ich habe in einer Mail geschrieben "Said that,..." (weil mir kein deutsches Pendant…3 Replies
Mother said ...Last post 17 Feb 05, 09:04
Mother said, he'll(father) be home soon, but he never came, as for me he didn't have to Ich …4 Replies
said pledgesLast post 19 Oct 09, 19:09
He said pledges this week by U.S. and European governments.1 Replies
having saidLast post 20 Mar 12, 16:12
Having said that the manpower plan and the org should assume end state with automation and I…4 Replies
wherein saidLast post 09 Mar 12, 10:02
Aus einem Patent: A sensor assembly in accordance with Claim 1, wherein said at least one hi…14 Replies
as he said / like he saidLast post 31 Jan 06, 12:37
Hi everybody! Now I really need your help on that one, it's seriously driving me nuts. I jus…15 Replies
. . . that being said/having been said . . .Last post 11 Nov 09, 22:00
Example: New York City is dirty, noisy, and crowded; that being said/having been said (?), i…17 Replies
"That's great," she said/said she.Last post 22 May 13, 11:45
Are both versions possible? I think you sometimes read the second version especially in lite…4 Replies
Egal ob has said oder said?Last post 23 Nov 10, 18:08
Wenn man keine Zeitangabe verwendet, also keine Signalwörte, wie es so schön heißt, ist es d…8 Replies
he-said-she-said rape caseLast post 24 Jul 09, 23:33
The law might allow a he-said-she-said rape case, but no one believes that a prosecutor woul…8 Replies

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