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Orthographically similar words

carny, carry, chary, clary, oscar, sarky, scar, scare, scarey, scarf, scarp, Scart, SCART, scray, scry Carya, Oscar, Scart, Schar

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scary - ängstlichLast post 27 Jan 13, 17:40
This entry MUST be deleted! There's one important phrase you've got to remember: "scary is…23 Replies
scaryLast post 12 Jan 10, 14:36
I have just read that scary could mean ängstlich or furcheinflößend. When I say "This man is…3 Replies
So scary!Last post 10 Feb 15, 23:13
So scary! Glad everyone is ok! A friend sent me a news story about a train derailment. I'd 3 Replies
to be scary - angsteinflößend seinLast post 11 Nov 19, 08:17
Ein Kostüm ist angsteinflößend 1 Replies
Its scary - Es macht AngstLast post 05 Jan 07, 01:21
I want to say something like Es sollte Spass und nicht Angst machen. Is this acceptable? Tha…3 Replies
scary-movie sceneLast post 19 Mar 12, 10:41
"What's your favorite scary-movie scene?" Aus einem Jugendbuch: Zwei Mädels stellen sich ge…4 Replies
There's a scary thought.Last post 09 Aug 11, 21:21
Eine Truppe von Kämpfern, die für das Gute kämpfen, beratschlagen sich gerade, wie sie gegen…8 Replies
creepy, eerie, eldritch, scary, sinister, spooky - alle synonym "gruselig, unheimlich"?Last post 04 Feb 20, 07:15
Hallo,ich wollte gerne wissen, ob die englischen Wörter "creepy", "eerie", "eldritch", "scar…12 Replies
... scary sence of ore/oar...Last post 14 Apr 11, 13:09
"And then, recently, I was thinking about or maybe feeling that thing, it was this really al…3 Replies
a german locutus , now thats scary Last post 12 Jun 10, 21:35
a german locutus , now thats scary Was heißt das, vorallem das wort locutus kenn ich net. …4 Replies